• Areas of Expertise
  • Opinion Polls
    Opinion polls are surveys of public opinion from a particular sample. Opinion polls are usually designed to represent the opinions of a population by conducting a series of questions and then extrapolating generalities in ratio or within confidence intervals. For example an opinion Poll about a political issue achieves the following:
    • Enables the official bodies to learn the citizens’ points of view and claims
    • Identifies if the popularity of some political parties and figures has increased or declined
    • Identifies the volume of candidates running for elections:
    o Their prospect of winning
    o The number of votes each candidate will get
    o The commitment of the different political parties’ supporters to the election lists
    o Guidance to political parties to choose the best candidates in the electoral district.

  • Usage and Attitude Studies
    Usage and attitude studies analyze consumer opinions and behaviors in various consumer product markets; more specifically they monitor:
    • Brand awareness, image, recall, loyalty and preference and likes/dislikes
    • Brand usage in terms of buying occasions, frequency and habits
    • Purchase motivators
    • Factors influencing buying procedures such as price, brands, availability (according to consumers) and types of promotions
    • Obstacles to purchase
    • Price elasticity
    • On shelves products (TMDPR).

  • GISIs a tool prepared by Statistics Lebanon, it is considered as the best tool to explore potential locations and sites for many types of businesses. This service is exclusive and highly developed by Statistics Lebanon.
  • FieldworkAll statistics companies in the country don’t conduct actual door to door surveys they collect data mainly through phone calls (via CATI). We pride ourselves at Statistics Lebanon with conducting actual fieldwork for almost all studies.
  • Exit PollsConducting nationwide scale exit polls, where voters are questioned directly as they are leaving a polling place. This is done to predict the elections outcome. Statistics Lebanon is proud to have achieved a 99.5% accurate results in the exit and opinion poll activities implemented during the parliamentary elections of the years 2005 and 2009.
  • Lebanon CitizensIs a software that provides socio-demographic data about Lebanese towns and villages. This is a service that is provided only by Statistics Lebanon and is very similar to a national census (which is not available in Lebanon due to political issues).
  • Political MarketingIs a consulting service provided by Statistics Lebanon where the image of political figures is developed through improving their public speaking abilities, planning their public appearances and other.
  • Profiled Product InjectionIs the process of door to door sampling, which involves the delivery of free product samples to selected audiences in selected regions of Lebanon.