The Founder
The Founder

Since its inception in 1994, over twenty-five years ago, Mr. Haber has developed Statistics Lebanon into a leading polling and research company with a proven track record executing studies for humanitarian organizations as well as private sector enterprises. In parallel, Mr. Haber has become a recognized independent polling reference who is hosted by media channels in election cycles.
As the owner and managing director of Statistics Lebanon, Mr. Haber always believed in science, innovation and technology. Statistics Lebanon was one the first companies in Lebanon to employ GIS experts to create the ‘Lebanese Data Bank’ that maps locations and population in 2009. Again in 2006, he started a new venture in digital media by establishing the online news website “Lebanon Files”.
Mr. Rabih Haber holds dual graduate degrees, having graduated with a DEA (Diplôme d'études approfondies) in Politics and Public Administration from the Lebanese University followed by an MS in Statistics and Applied Mathematics from McGill University, Canada.
During the course of his career, Mr. Haber has participated contributed to countless seminars and authored publications on relevant development topics as human trafficking, child rights, media channels and grids, democracy and voting, while lecturing in his areas of expertise: Polling research, Statistics, Jurimetrics, Econometrics, Research Methodology, and Political Propaganda.

Who we are
Who we are

Established in 1994, Statistics Lebanon Ltd is a full-service opinion polling, public, social and market research company offering the full breadth of research science, techniques and methodologies to deliver end to end consultancy whether for large scale quantitative or insightful qualitative assignments.

We aspire to the highest level of excellence in research with uncompromising integrity. To meet challenges, Statistics Lebanon has established qualitative and quantitative departments staffed by qualitative experts and quantitative specialists who can provide clients with a tailored suite of methods and tools to deliver on objectives.

Statistics Lebanon has been an ESOMAR member since 2004 and is committed to the professional and ethical standards embodied in the ICC/ESOMAR code on Market and Social Practices.

Success Stories
Achievements & Success Stories

25 years ago, Statistics Lebanon had a vision to develop a quality, timely and effective research that framed the rest of its work. Today, Statistics Lebanon has grown to become a leading research and opinion polling company and a trusted source of results and analysis on political and social affairs in Lebanon.

It has, since its inception, carried out countless studies on conflict and political stability, socio-economic welfare, work skills and employment, education, environment, voting and justice as well while also as a full dedication to proactive and strategic thinking for the private sector. We have also conducted dedicated studies amongst Syrian and Palestinian refugees on livelihoods, access to services, child welfare and protection amongst others.

In 2009, Statistics Lebanon published a book on the Elections in 2009, to be soon followed by the recent parliamentary election results, by area.

In 2012, Statistics Lebanon Ltd. started its media center, which is specialized in media monitoring that enables 24/24 recording of various Lebanese and Pan Arab audio-visual media.

Our Exclusive Database
Our Exclusive Database

Statistics Lebanon believes in the critical importance of accurate data collection. In 2009, we took pride in being the first research agency in Lebanon, to create a totally exclusive and comprehensive national database known as the “Lebanon Citizens” database in order to establish a valid and credible sampling frame for research studies.

National in scope, it detailed the socio-demographic profiles for all of the 1611 regions covering all Lebanese territory. Our sampling system is updated every year and based on a complete listing of all localities, small villages, medium villages, small towns, large towns, and cities, obtained from “door to door” visits covering each and every household in Lebanon.

Statistics Lebanon has conducted various studies on education, population, shelter and living conditions of the Palestinian refugee populations. During which Statistics Lebanon compiled and verified data sets of Palestinian refugees living in the official camps and in unofficial conglomerations outside in order to draw accurate sampling frames.

And recently, in response to the Syrian crisis, Statistics Lebanon again invested in research projects to map the Syrian refugee presence in Lebanon. Statistic Lebanon team visited the displaced Syrian conglomerations and produced Nation-Wide Scale Maps on the distribution of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The Data was adopted by the Lebanese government in October 2014 and distributed to international agencies and foreign governments. Results of the ‘Shelter Poll Survey on Syrian Refugees’ conducted by Statistics Lebanon was published by the UNHCR in 2013.

Our Team
Our Team

The Statistics Lebanon team is composed of research specialists and a team of interviewers supervised by team leaders working with coordinators and technicians. Our field interviewers, team leaders and supervisors are CITI certified.

Our researchers and managers who are experts in their fields covering collectively media, statistics & mathematics, marketing, public health, social studies, political studies and Geographic Information System (GIS), are always ready to answer any of your questions or concerns in relation to your projects.

Our fieldwork team is always assisted by a network of wireless communication to ensure instant coordination and feedback, a fleet of car and highly advanced GIS tools and Maps capabilities developed by the company for research and polling reasons. According to US experts in the field, “Statistics Lebanon may have developed the best tools and logistics for opinion polling ever know’- Dave Williams (American expert in conducting opinion polling –International Republican Institute)

Our Office
Our Office

Located in Hazmieh, 8 minutes away from Central Beirut, we have a comfortable, welcoming office atmosphere for completing successful, results-rich research projects for all our local and international clients.

Our modern, technology-enhanced office is equipped with all the amenities and equipment. Our offices can accommodate fieldwork training, focus groups, conferences and meetings on site. We have a large room for fieldwork training, CATI facilities and a spacious room for focus groups with an attached observation lounge for clients equipped with a luxurious one-way mirror and state-of-the art audio-visual communication.

In 2017, Statistics Lebanon installed a very complex firewall and sophisticated security concept to back up its data, protect it against service interruptions and prevent unauthorized access to its network. We have installed 3 levels of fire walls and a VPN server to filter all external and internal hackers and an advanced Anti-Virus System (KASPERSKY) to protect our systems from viruses, spammers and hackers.  We run regular backups of your important and sensitive data, and we save important on external well protected cloud servers